Guide to Types of Sweet Peppers – Do Red Peppers Taste Different Than Green

File:Capsicum annuum fruits IMGP0044.jpg

Red, Green, & Yellow Sweet Peppers.  Capsicum annuum

Although the colors of sweet bell peppers may vary [due to an increase in maturation], all colors are the same type of peppers.  As bell peppers go through the maturation process, they evolve from green to yellow, to orange to red.  The red is the sweetest, as the most mature of the bell peppers.

Green Peppers are the most common sweet peppers.  Nothing beats green peppers in stuffed pepper recipes, Spanish rice, goulash, etc..  The flavor mellows and melds with the meat, sauce, rice, etc., and the partnership of flavors is great.

Slightly more ripe than green peppers are the yellow; they are also a bit sweeter than the green.  Orange peppers are a bit sweeter than red.  They also roast well and are excellent eaten raw.

Orange peppers are a bit sweeter than yellow.  They also roast well and are excellent eaten raw.

Red bell peppers are sweeter than orange and are probably the most popular for roasting and eating raw.

File:Yellow, orange and red bell peppers.jpg

Like many fruits, the pepper’s taste sweetens with maturity.  Unlike most other fruits and vegetables, however, peppers have a built-in color thermometer to allow us to gauge their levels of sweetness and maturity,


All are excellent choices for salads


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